Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Fun Day in the Life of ME, lol

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday is the day I get to see my "little". My kids and I joined the Big Brother/Big Sister Program, called Lunch Buddies. So one day a week, mine is Tuesday, I get to go to the local elementary school and hang out with my "little sister" Brittany. She is such a sweety, and she seems to really enjoy our time together as much as I do. I went to the Dollar Store and picked up some hair detangler and a brush for her to use. She has beautiful blonde hair but unfortunately it always looks like a rats nest when I see her. She gets herself ready in the morning, she is in First Grade. And says she doesnt brush her hair because it hurts when she brushes it. So, I showed her how the detangler works and brushed her hair for her. God love her, it breaks my heart to think that her and her 3rd grade brother are getting themselves ready for school each morning.
We played some games and she ate her lunch, well most of it, lol and then I was off to meet a friend for a little shopping and lunch. Our first stop was the Gap Outlet, the only true Gap outlet in the world. I have been to the Gap stores in the outlet malls and believe me this one is soo different. Waaay cheaper prices, but alot more damaged items too, you really have to look. My job today was to pick up 120 hats and gloves, at 99 cents each, some have $25.00 price tags on them from Banana Republic, for my sister to hand out for her outreach program for her Church. Next we hit Taco Bell, wow, it was newly remodeled and looked just like a Chipotle, it was too cool! Then to my favorite store in the whole wide world, Home Goods. Since my daughter has decided to move to SLC, I decided that I would redecorate her room, and wanted to see what I could find for that, I found a few different looks that I liked,but am not sure what I will go with. On my next post I will show pics of what I picked up there and at my second favorite store, TJ Maxx. But right now everything is still in the car, not that my hubby would mind, but why go there now, until I have a plan and know which direction I am going. Hopefully I can get some ideas from all of you talented ladies!
I got home, Nikki, the MIA daughter called again, two days in a row, I wonder if she read my blog??? No, she just wanted to tell me about a crash she took while skiing off a cliff, intentionally, which she landed wrong, thanks Nik, I needed to hear about that!
Made some dinner, did a little computer work for the Hoosier Wallbed Company I work for, and watched American Idol, I love the beginning when they have people on who sound as bad as I do, how fun, at least I know I stink, lol!
Trimmed my furry baby, and wrote a blog, this one. All and all a great day in the life of ME!
Stay warm everyone, the weather guy says the temps are going to be as cold as they have been in 12 years, how come they never get that wrong?? Thanks for stopping by! Sue


Linda said...

What a great program! I miss my preschoolers, having done that for so many years. I wish our town had a program like that.

I did a lot of volunteer work for a cancer organization for 6 years and I am now deciding what to do next. Something like that would be right up my alley!
Sounds like a fulfulling day to me!

Janene said...

That is so sad to hear about that little girl...good thing that she has you to be there for her!
I love the smell of the detangler spray! Ours smell like apples!
No pictures?
Did any of the tips I gave you help? I don't speak computer, so my answers don't contain any of that mumble jumble, but sometimes I have a hard time explaining certain things!
I hope I helped you some!
Have a great day!

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow you get a lot accomplished in one day!!! Glad your MIA daughter called...wish mine would! And what did you think of bikini girl last night? I wanted to whap her upside the head for being such a spoiled princess.

Rue said...

Hi Sue :)

What a great program! I feel so bad for that little one and her brother. Why are they alone in the morning?

Your day sounds great and I can't wait to see pictures of your progress :)