Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Getting Better All the Time

Well I have to say I am quickly, much more quickly than I thought was possible, getting used to being an empty nester. All the things I feared are not coming to pass. I was so afraid that my husband and I would have nothing to talk about, and surprise, we do! I was afraid we would argue, but I have come to realize that what we argued the most about in the past was the kids. Me always trying to stick up for them, when I thought he was being too demanding of them. But now that they are on their own, that is not an issue.
We are having fun doing things together. On Friday night we went to see MArley and Me and out to dinner with friends of ours. We had a great time. I just wish someone, besides the waiter right before we went into the movie, had warned us that it was a definite tear jerker. I can see why it has been the #1 movie, it was just a sweet movie. But my oh my the 4 of us blubbered like there was no tomorrow.


Then on Saturday we went out to dinner with 2 other couples and then back to the one couples house for dessert. After dinner we got online and planned our first big group vacation. We have gone to my parents lake house in Tennessee for long weekends before, but this year we decided that we were going to take a "real" vacation together. Because one of the guys has to have heart surgery this week, he is hesitant to go out of the country this summer, not knowing how good hospitals are on some of these islands. So after much talk, and online research, we have decided on Sedona Arizona. Isn't it beautiful?? Have any of you ever been there? If so, please tell me about it!

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We are close to Pheonix, the Grand Canyon, and only 4 hours from Vegas. I am not a gambler, at all, but have always wanted to go there once. It is a destination on several of our bucket lists.


So we found some beautiful homes that we are inquiring about to rent, and checking on airfare. Of course we live 15minutes from Greater Cincinnati Airport, which has the distinction of being the most expensive airport in the USA, so we are also considering departing from other local airports. I am excited, it is so fun to plan vacations, even if they are 6 months away. The planning is almost as much fun as the vacation itself!!

Well I guess I better get off here, my hubby just went up to bed, it is getting late, kinda, and there is another advantage to being empty nesters..........I dont have to share the remote with the kids after dad goes to bed LOL! Night, thanks for stopping by!!!


tardevil said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Your trip sounds like loads of fun. I've never been to any of those places! Want to see that movie too. The dog doesn't die, does it? My daughter would never get over that!

Linda said...

Hi Sue!

It looks great!! The picture of the red rocks was gorgeous. Our son was married in the red rocks in the Valley of Fire State Park last April. I started blogging just before that so I have pics in my archives. We spent a few days in Vegas and we don't gamble either but there is a lot to do. Each large hotel has wonderful attractions and some are free. I am glad we went once, but I wouldn't chose to go back.

Thanks for stopping by!! hugs, Linda

tardevil said...

Well...I DO know how to get rid of "BLOGGER BUTT", but I'm afraid that once you're addicted, it's very hard to quit, so you just learn to live with it!