Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Pride and Joy!

Just a quickie because it is late, but I couldn't resist. In a few minutes my son, my first born will turn 25, quite the milestone! I just talked to him on the phone, he just got back from dinner with a group of friends and then met more friends at his house for a party. He is so happy! Can I brag on him for a minute? He is a college graduate, he has a great job, but mostly he is just a good guy! He calls just to check in, he is a big brother in the big brother, big sister organization,
he is a thoughtful boyfriend,
and a loving big brother to his sister, and he is a great friend to all of his buddies! Has he always been easy, no,

could he drive me crazy with worry sometimes?
Of course,

but have I always loved him, YES!
Happy Birthday Bryan, 25 years ago today you made all my dreams come true by making me a MOM. I love you so much!


prairiedog said... brag all you want,he sounds like a great guy with a really great mom! Cyndi

Janene said...

You every right to brag on your children! He sounds terrific!
Happy Birthday Bryan!
You have a lovely family!
Looks like you got the picture and backgroud problems solved...they look great!
Have a great weekend!

~*Marie*~ said...

Sue, thanks for stopping by my blog. I read through your and I are about in the same place. I have one left at home with one foot left out the door. The other is out living on her own and after 23 years of devoting my life to taking care of her do you think I could get a phone call, email or text once in a while w/o me having to do it first??? But even thought we have to cut the apron strings we can still tie them back together and tie them around their waists!!! Stop by again soon!!! Marie

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Bryan!! What a coinky dink. My first born was born in January too and turns 30 in Thursday - which is the same day he finds out if his wife is having a girl or a boy!

It is amazing to know they are adults now isn't it? Most of the time I don't feel old enough to have an adult - yet at the same time I was ready for them to be adults - if that makes sense! LOL

Enjoy his special day and the memories is brings back to you!

hugs, Linda

Picket said...

Happy Birthday to Bryan! I love seeing that pic of your beautiful family girl and you have ever right to brag on that wonderful son! My oldest Burly Boy turned 39 the 23rd of this month! Couorse you know I had him when I was soooo young..I get mistaken for his sister instead of his mama ( my dreams!lol) Have a great Sunday my friend!

Bo said... left out the part about him being really good-looking, but I guess that's what the pictures were for...LOL ;-) Bo

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday to Bryan - what a great looking guy! You brag all you want - that's what we're here for - you'll see. Just wait until your family starts getting to know US by our blogger names - then you know you're done!!

mbkatc230 said...

What a beautiful family you have! Happy Birthday to Bryan. You just brag all you want, you have every reason to! Kathy

marty39 said...

First thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the gracious welcome. I do know what you mean about trying to figure out this blog thing. It is really hard, or maybe it's just that me and the computer barely know each other. lol I love the story of your son and his 25th birthday. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful son and I'm sure you daughter is just as lovely. I thank the Lord everyday for all my children. What a blessing. I can't wait to see more of your blog. I will add you to my list. Thanks again for the welcome. Hugs, Marty

kymber said...

I just happened across your blog and your title caught my eye. I, too am a recent empty nester. It still seems kind of strange to me yet.
You have a beautiful son! It is perfectly acceptable to brag about your kids I love to brag about my kids too!


prairiedog said...

Hi,I hope you had a great birthday celebration with your son.Thanks for stopping by my blog today.Our birthdays are close,mine is on the 9th,that and being new bloggers,I bet we will have many things in common.If you want to check our home out,well what I have posted anyway.Just go to micasa,click on explore,click on designers and you will find me.I have the same name but I have a picture of my dog,honestly,he looks much nicer than me anyway.btw,thanks for the compliments,made me chuckle.Notice,that picture of me is not in the post part where you can blow it up 100 times.LOL Cyndi

Julie said...

Hello Sue--Nice to meet you. It sounds like you have a wonderful family. How fun that you daughter just moved here. If she likes to ski--she will be in heaven!! We just got dumped on big time with new snow. I'll be back to visit you. Have a great day. Julie

Lynette said...

Sue - just highlight my post, copy and paste in a word doc. Answer the questions, copy and paste on your blog. You'll have to do a little clean up on the spacing, but it is really easy - good luck!! I can't wait to see what you have to say!!