Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite American president, Abraham Lincoln. Today is the 200th Anniversary of his birth, and the 47th anniversary of mine! Many people say he was the greatest president ever, and I have to say I agree! So, Happy Birthday Abe, I love ya! Sue


mbkatc230 said...

Happy Birthday to you Sue. How fun that you share a birthday with such a great man! Have a great day. Kathy

Julie said...

Happy Birthday!! I am president of my quilt group, and we are celebrating Lincoln's by bringing civil war print quilts or anything made with the log cabin block. I love Lincoln, too. have agreat day. julie

Stellar Creations said...

Happy Birthday.. thanks too for your comments on my blog. I do love Debbie Macomber, I've read every book she has written they are just so sweet and easy reads. If you listen real hard you can hear me humming happy birthday to you..believe me, you dont want to hear me sing.. lol.