Friday, February 20, 2009

Nikki's super simple stir fry, another yum!

WElcome to my foodie friday post! Glad you could stop by! Well I seem to be on a cooking post trend, 2 soup recipes, and now this yummy stirfry. I made it last night after calling my daughter, Miss Independent, to walk me thru the recipe. I have been craving it for 2 months, hmm, the same amount of time she has been away. So here goes, and remember, I am not a measurer, so allow your inner chef to come out and have some fun!!!
Nikki's Super Simple StirFry

Start with about
1T of EVOO, extra virgin olive oil
Saute about 1/8 cup of minced garlic, out of the jar, not sure how this translates in fresh garlic cloves??
In seperate pan, start rice, I used 2 cups rice to 2 cups water, I love left overs!
I used 2 large chicken breats cut into small chunks, but have also made it with part chicken and part shrimp, your choice
throw chicken in with garlic and add 1/4 t seasoned salt and 1t chili powder, you can also use cayenne pepper, but my husband is not a fan of spicey, so chili powder is enough for him..
cook chicken until done
Add approx. 2t soy sauce
Then a bag of garden blend stirfry frozen veggies and a can of water chestnuts for a yummy crunch!
Add your rice and voila, a yummy meal in no time at all, thanks Nikki!


marty39 said...

I am all for fast and easy meals and I love stirfry. This sounds just yummy. I will give it a try. Hugs, Marty

Janene said...

YummO! As Rachel Ray says!
This sounds great! But you know what would be better? If you made some and sent it to me!

Gollum said...

I'm not a measurer, either. :-) This is the kind of recipe that I love to stash in my cooking notebook--it's so much fun to make and it's delicious. Thank you so much for joining the 1st Foodie Friday.

Bo said... you're talking! Quick, easy & delish...this will be saved!
Thanks, ;-) Bo

squawmama said...

Wow this sounds just like something my honey & I would love... I stir fry every now and again but this is a little different then what I do... I will be trying it soon... Thanks


Diane said...

Yummm, this sounds delicious! I love stirfry! ♥ Diane

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing this recipe. And it looks easy enough that even I might attempt it. ;-) And that's key for me. :-)

Happy Foodie Friday!


Sheila :-)

Taryn said...

Wow- that sounds really really good right now.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That does sound good! I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I noticed you started following my blog!

nikkicrumpet said...

Yeah....if I let my inner Chef come out...the pan would melt, the food would be toxic, and the fire department would have to come douse my kitchen. I think I'm gonna have to stick to takeout! But it sure does sound yummy!

Picket said...

Hey's me!!!! lol Man I feel like I have been on another planet! lol Great recipe and so easy...oh and that potatoe one in the other post is so me...I love potatoe soup! Thanks for coming by to check on my girl...hope you have a fantastic week!

Julieann said...

YUMMY!! Stir fry is so good, and yours looks scrumptious--I will have to try your recipe:)