Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today I visited a TS, the GW, and a Dr, what a day!

Today I visited my first, I pulled in the parking lot and the place was packed, and my first thought was, wow, do all these people blog?? But then I realized that I was the only one taking pics, so no, they must not be bloggers. I did wonder what they thought of me taking pics, but it didnt stop me, I needed pics to post!

And after a quick search I found this, I can picture it with some pretty flowers on our kitchen table!

And this, I am going to paint this, but not sure of the color yet!

Not bad, but definitely not what Janene would have found at her TS Gold Mine

I then went to the Dr, Dr Arebi's an orthopedic surgeon, and the news wasn't great. He took fresh xrays, and it seems I need to have a few screws and rods put in, no NOT my head, my foot. I have been hobbling around for the past 4 weeks, since my car accident and I kept thinking things seemed better, slightly, but apparently not, so I have 2 weeks to schedule a CT scan and get myself together for surgery. I have never had surgery before, unless you count my 2 c-sections, but I got a baby each time out of those, so well worth the fear, and I am a bit nervous. But I also don't want to limp around the rest of my life, I'm not young, but I hope to have 50 more years or so, and do not want to be hobbling for all those years, so surgery it is!
Please if you don't mind say a little prayer for me, I will let you all know when it will be! On the bright side, I have to be off my foot from now until at least 6 weeks after surgery, so that means more guilt free computer time!!
After the doctors appointment I hit one of these....

Again, I did not find the coolest stuff, but did get a few things, all and all I spent a little over $5 and have the start of a wooden candlestick collection!

Not bad for a first time, I guess!


marty39 said...

Oh I will definitely keep you in prayer for your surgery. You did get some great finds. I am all of a sudden just crazy about GW. I have found so many great things there in the last month. YOur candlesticks are just lovely. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

Julie said...

I go to the thrift store in search of candlesticks--I don't have any luck. You scored!! Good luck with the surgery. That does not sound fun at all.

mbkatc230 said...

I really like the candlesticks you found! I think you did great. And good luck with your surgery, I will keep you in my prayers. It kind of stinks that you have to break your foot to get a chance to rest lol. Kathy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Neat candlesticks and vase! I think with thrift stores that you have to make almost a daily pilgrimage. Just said a prayer for you...



linda said...

I was NEVER a thrift store/goodwill shopper until I started blogging. I would see all of the amazing things bloggers pick up at these places and I wanted to get in on the action. Now I go about once a week.

Good luck on your surgery. Please keep us updated on the details so that I can be praying for you more as time gets closer.

Sonny and Bryan said...

I love all your new stuff! You should definitley take me next time, that looks like my kind of shopping!!! Good luck with surgery, we are praying for you! I am sure you will do well since you have had to go through injuries like this with bryan and nikki, and you nursed them back to health each time!-sonny.

Bo said...

Hi...certainly not good news about you having to have surgery...but at least you won't have to hobble anymore afterwards. I will certainly say a prayer for you...
be sure & let us know when it will be...take care! ;-) Bo

Rue said...

I will definitely pray for you Sue!!

Great finds! I need to find our local thriftstore. I'm starting to itch from not bargain shopping LOL


Janene said...

You took your camera into Goodwill and the Thrift Store!
How very brave of you!
You items are so great!
You have the bug will only get worse...or better what ever way you want to look at it!
You did very good girl!

Our really empty nest said...

This is just a test to see if I have trouble leaving a comment here, like I and others have had happen lately! This is only a test, lol.

Robin said...

I will definitely keep you in my prayers for a complete and speedy recovery (not to interfere with your guilt-free blogging
Isn't it funny when you realize that you are officially a blogger because you take pictures of EVERYTHING??? (Like me and my flat tire. I was squalling like a baby, but I still managed to take that
Thanks for visiting my itty-bitty blog! You really made my day!! I hope you are able to visit often!


Stellar Creations said...

Hey girl.. I do have you in my prayers.. keep us all informed. You did do good at the TS.. awesome finds! Have a great weekend!


Chris said...

Hi There, thought I would drop by for a visit and boy am I glad I did. I copied your recipe for Potato Soup.Also we lived in southern IN. for many years off and on. I was born in IL. Next, I wanted to tell you not to worry about your surgery coming up. While I was at our vaction home in the mountains of NC, I slipped on ice and got a compund fracture in my left ankle. I spent the rest of our vacation in the hospital, had to fly home and brought a plate and hardware in my ankle back with me. I thought I would never be able to dance or wear heels again. But, that's been 15 years ago now and I have not had one problem. The surgeon said I will get arthritis in it because once you tramatize an ankle it's a given, but so far nothing. So, you'll be just fine. BTW, I elected to leave the hardware in my ankle rather than go through the surgery again. Let me know how you do. You'll be in my prayers.


nikkicrumpet said...

I'm so sorry that you have to have surgery. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I wonder if the Doctor will let you take pictures of that heheh...I mean you are a blogger right...we take our cameras EVERYWHERE!

Lynette said...

Love the candlesticks - I need to start visiting some thrift stores myself - people always seem to find the neatest stuff there!!

Sorry about the surgery - hope all turns out well - keep us posted.

Timi said...

I'm so proud of you going to the thrift store! It looks like you found some good stuff that has potential. Hope you had fun so you will keep going. It's fun sometimes.

Ok.........OH MY GOD! I'm seeing an Ortho doctor, I'm having my first surgery in two weeks, and will be laid up 6 weeks also. I'm freakin out!
We should freak out together!
I'm having my shoulder done on my right arm (I'm right handed) and will be out of commission like you for 6 weeks at first than another 4 months of rehab. We will have to swap stories about how this is GOING TO SUCK!

This simple Life said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit me. It isn't rude , I am happy to tell you that I paid 100.00 dollars for my jelly cupboard. Considering I have been looking at them for about a year and the cheapest one I have come across is 250.00 I'm very happy with what I paid.

Don't give up on the TS stores, your candles sticks are good and you will find more. The trick is go often. The cupboard I bought Was put out on the same day I bought it. The best stuff is usually sold within 24 hours of hitting the sales floor. Hey you just gave me a good idea, I think I will write a post about thrift shop tips!

Rosemary said...

You had a great thrifting day yesterday!


Anonymous said...

I also had 2 C-sections.
My son is now 36 and my daughter is 29. Shes lives in Utah with her husband
and they have a 2 year old
beautiful baby girl. Our first grandbaby!!!
Pamela in OH

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I have some screws in my right foot and I hope your surgery goes as well as mine did years ago!! I'll keep you in my prayers!! hugs, Linda

Taryn said...

Wow- nice work at the TS and GW. I need to work on my thrifting. I get overwhelmed in those stores . . .