Thursday, March 19, 2009

He's here he's here!!

PLease Mr Postman look and see,
If there's a package
A package for me
Mr Po-o-o-o-ostman

Ok Sue, let me look and see
Yes I have a package
A package for thee (hey it rhymes, lol)
Mr Po-o-o-o-ostman

You see a little while ago I entered a giveaway over at with the very talented Barb, and surprise surprise I WON!! I got an email the other day from Barb saying he was on his way, and he arrived today safe and sound!

Isnt he just about the cutest thing you have ever seen?? And Barb also snuck in a great smelling huge bar of bathsoap! In honor of Barb's husband, I have decided to name him, drumroll please...... Mr Grits! Doesnt he just look like a Mr GRits to you? I love love love him Barb, thanks so much!!


Julie said...

Glad your surgery went well--love your new friend--Mr. Grits. Have a great day. Julie

Wendy said...

Hi Sue,

I am so jealous, I want a Mr. Grits. He is too cute!

I had to LOL at your son having the fattest file at the ER. This is our second trip to the ER this month. Last week my oldest tore ligaments in his hand, this week my youngest son broke his arm right below the shoulder. The Drs. haven't said it, but I know they think we are idiots for letting our kis ride. Nick, my youngest has said that he is done with motorcycles. He is never riding again. He broke his femur a couple of years ago and had 2 surgeries with that. This time he broke his arm right through the growth plate. I was so glad to hear he does not want to ride anymore. Now I wish my oldest son would give it up.

I'm off to check out your son's blog.

Wendy :)

Bo said...

What a great giveaway gift and the name sounds perfect! Congratulations! ;-) Bo

Sonny and Bryan said...

cute chicken!!

nikkicrumpet said...

He is really cute!!! What a great prize. I hope you're feeling better and healing up.

And about those keychains. If you google search "cat head self defense" you should find tons of websites that sell them. I can't even remember which one I bought these from. I've purchased them a bunch of times and they really are a cool little tool. You slip your fingers into the eyes of the cat..and his ears become a wonderful defense tool with minimal effort. That way you can at least fight back until you can run away. I gave them to my girls along with some pepper spray and I feel a bit better about their safety. Let me know if you have trouble finding them.

Barb @ GritsandGlamour said...

I am so glad Mr Grits made it to your house safely. I am honored that you chose his name after my own beloved Mr Grits. Cockle-doodle-doo! LOL I am sorry it took so long to get to you...I hope when you look at him he makes you happy. Glad the surgery went well. Hugs, Barb