Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, so it's been awhile, sue me!

I had wanted to post the pics of my little goodwill shopping excursion on the same day I posted about going originally, but that didnt happen, sorry. For some reason my camera is not wanting to download pics onto the computer, at least I can't figure it out but whatever, lol. I finally decided to take the pics with my cell phone, so you will have to bear with the not so perfectly clear pics. I want to start off by saying that the line to get into GW on 1/2 price Saturday was not bad, I was #6, and what a friendly bunch of people, very talkative and pleasant. And NO the picture in my last post of GW was NOT my GW, for sure, that one must be in a really nice neighborhood, definitely not mine,HA.
I was able to nab a few wooden candlesticks to add to my very small but just beginning collection. The large brown stick was 1.25, but the three small ones were $1 a piece, seemed kind of high, but I liked the colors and thought they would add a summery look to my kitchen, I just need to get some candles.

I then got excited when I spotted some pretty all white bowls with a fruit pattern. A good friend of mine had given me some very large pretty plates that looked very very similiar to these bowls. I was excited to add the bowls and for only .50 a piece I grabbed them. Next I found some cute little I am going to call them individual souffle bowls. I have a french onion soup recipe and a dessert recipe that calls for bowls like these, the were only .50 each too, so in the cart they went.

I then found a cute little heart shaped basket with a red and white check fabric. I had a luncheon for all my girlfriends this past Valentines day and did a red and white check theme, so for .50 I was not going to pass up his basket, I will use it for next year's Friend Appreciation Day! The other basket just looked lonely sitting on the shelf after I nabbed the heart shaped one, so I took it too, although I have absolutely NO idea what to do with it?!?! But it was just $1.

I rounded out my shopping trip with a nice cookie sheet for .25, a cheese grater for for $1 and a perfect red dust ruffle that will look great in one of our guest rooms, it was only $1.50 with the 1/2 price sale. So all and all I think I had a pretty good GW experience and got ALOT of stuff for $15.00 Some prices seemed kind of high while others seemed really good, I guess it is all in whole holds the pricing marker! I will definitely go back and would like to try some other good will and thrift stores in other areas of town. Question?? Does anyone know if Good Will takes what they get from one drop off spot and only puts it in 1 GW location or do they have a central location and then disperse the items?????
What have you gotten at your Goodwill, thrift store, or garage sale???
Thanks for stopping by! Sue

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going to give the GW another try!

Ok, it is 7:51, I found out that our local GW, that is Goodwill for you novices, of which I definitely consider myself, is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale today. So I am determined to be among the first there to see if I can find some cool things like all my friends in blogville. I will be back in a few hours and will post what I found, hmmm, should be interesting, hehehe.
I only hope that all my neighbors dont have the same idea as me this morning.....

OOPS, the original picture showed a huge line of people waiting to get in this store, i guess it was to big of a picture and lord knows I dont know how to make it smaller, but you get the idea!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do you have a minute or two??

The word of the day is Volunteering, because it is Volunteer Week!! Something that is very near and dear to my heart! Now I know so many people are really busy with their own life these days. Shuffeling kids, elderly parents, and performing other household chores. But i want to tell you if you have an hour or two a month or better yet a week, to spare, volunteering is something you may want to consider. The way it makes you feel is something i cant describe. There are so many things you can do to help those less fortunate. Be creative and think outside the box. You can become a volunteer at your local food pantry, I do this and really love it! There are so many jobs for a volunteer to do at a pantry. Clothes sorter, food orderer, shelf stocker, shopper, donator, building maintenence person, and many many more! My jobs at the pantry include, ordering food from the Cincinnati Free store food bank weekly, working a shift helping our clients shop for their groceries, I also love to plan fun activities for our clients like, a pampering day for the moms, this includes free hair cuts, if you are a stylist this is another volunteering opportunity, manicures, chair massages, a luncheon, the woman LOVE this special day and the volunteers love it almost as much! We also host a back to school picnic, where we pass out back packs, school supplies, and shoes for our youngest clients. Another "job" is to help plan fund raisers.

Speaking of fund raisers, a couple great ideas include a having a chocolate fest. What is a chocolate fest you may ask??? WEll..... let me tell you, it is a ladies night out where woman buy a ticket which gives them the right to sample all things chocolate for the entire evening, let me tell you, this has become the hottest ticket in our little country town. This year the event netted $8,250, all of which was donated to our pantry!

In September we host another ladies night out in the form of a Bunco tourney, never heard of Bunco?? Well, it is a super simple dice game that requires no former knowledge of the game to play, it is a bunch of fun, and did I mention the food, no? well, lots of yummy food is available for in between the rounds! And another great fund raiser!

Another great volunteer job is to become a grant writer for a nonprofit, the main qualification for this job it to be good with words and know your way around a computer, hmmm, seems to me I know a few people like that, lol!
Becoming a "Big Sister" to a child is a wonderfully rewarding way to give back. I became a big sister in the Big Brother/Big Sister program this year, I am a lunch buddy, so once a week I go to the local elementary school and spend an hour with my "little". These are kids at risk of not completing their education, I really am enjoying this.
I want everyone to consider a way to use their God given talents and find a way to give back. I would love to hear of any volunteer work that you are doing. You know it doesnt even have to be an on going position, the day before Easter my friends and I delivered 20 Easter dinners and bags of candy to families who would have had nothing to celebrate that special day. The people were so very appreciative and it was just a couple hours of our time! So do yourself and your community a favor and volunteer your time, it will be the best decision you have made in a while, I promise!
So, Happy Volunteer Week, thanks so much for stopping by, and on a side note, I am feeling so much better and am starting to get out and about alot more. Thank you all so very much for your comments and emails!

Monday, April 13, 2009


So...... it has been an interesting few days. As some of you know, I was in a car accident due to ice back on January 28. After a trip to the emergency room i was told I was fine and to just go home. Well I hobbled around for weeks before going back to a doctor. Finally a CT scan showed that I had 2 breaks and a torn ligament and i needed surgery. I had the surgery on March 12 and thought i was on the road to recovery. Well last weekend I was in Lexington with a friend working the Home and Garden show there. We worked Thursday night April 2 and everything was fine. I woke up on Friday knowing something just wasnt right, I had major pain in the back of my leg. We didn't have to be at the home show until 5 and had planned on shopping all day, TJ MAxx, Home Goods, Marshalls, oh yeah, we were hitting them all, instead we spent the entire day in the ER at the University of Kentucky's hospital. If you ever have to go to the hospital and you are in Lexington, run away far away from this old, dirty hospital. NExt year there will be a new hospital in this old dirty hospitals place but oh my it was not nice there. My dear friend Beth is a germaphobe, not as bad as Howie Mandell , but being in this hospital was not easy for her and I told her to leave me and go out and shop like we had planned, but God love her, she said she wouldn't leave me there, and she didn't.
After giving them my blood and having to endure an ultra sound of my leg, I was told I had a blood Clot, a big blood clot the entire length of my leg. YIKES! Blood clots run big time in my family and like my brother said when i told him, "welcome to the club". Definitely not a club I ever hoped to join, but here I am. The ER doctor agreed to let me stay out of the hospital if I promised to check in with my family doctor first thing Monday morning, and if my dear friend Beth would be willing to give me my blood thinner medicine by injections in my stomach, yes, my stomach, which she did, again God love here, that is definitely more then she signed on to do! I called my doctor first thing Monday morning, a doctor I had had for over 10 years, only to find that she was booked all day and her nurse told me to go to the er to have them check my blood. I asked what hospital I should go to in case they needed to keep me and was told, " go to any hospital, Dr B. doesn't have hospital privileges ANYWHERE! Has anyone ever heard of a doctor that didn't have hospital privileges???? I hadn't. Long story short I went to our local Hospital and was ADMITTED, I was not a happy girl. After more blood tests, another very painful ultra sound, No sleep, and finally in the morning I was told by my very nice possible new doctor that there was really no reason I was admitted and it was possible that my insurance company might not pay for my stay. Well, I told my nice possible new doctor that if they didnt pay,then guess what, I wouldnt be paying either. He then told me that he apologized to me from the medical community he was sorry for my series of unfortunate events that I have endured for the past 3 months. I now have to go to an anticoagulation clinic for the next 6 months, FUN! They will monitor my blood.
My advice to everyone is, if you have to go to a doctor or a hospital, ask questions, question everything, so many times things are done just because "that is the way they are always done", you can say NO and I did several times, and often had the nurses say, good for you, there was no reason they needed that anyway. Don't feel bad to ask questions, just do it! God Bless and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way

Barb over at Grits and Glamour is hosting a Bunny on a Stick show and tell, using the adorable bunnies alot of gals have bought at their local Pier 1. Well, I Haven't been to a Pier 1, heck I haven't really been anywhere in the past two months. Not being able to drive because of a broken foot really has cramped my style. But I did remember that a couple of years ago I bought a bunny on a stick at a flower wholesaler place that my friend, a floral designer, had taken me to. I paid all of 62 cents for my slightly different bunny. I wanted to make a topiary with my bunny, like so many others, but again could not get out to get the supplies needed, so I added him to my front door decoration and I think he is happy there.
Thank you Barb at grits and glamour for hosting a fun spring party! Sorry I dont know how to make your icon appear on my post. I made my yummy Poppy Seed Bread to share with everyone, enjoy!

Happy Spring Everyone, Thanks for stopping by, Sue