Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ok, so it's been awhile, sue me!

I had wanted to post the pics of my little goodwill shopping excursion on the same day I posted about going originally, but that didnt happen, sorry. For some reason my camera is not wanting to download pics onto the computer, at least I can't figure it out but whatever, lol. I finally decided to take the pics with my cell phone, so you will have to bear with the not so perfectly clear pics. I want to start off by saying that the line to get into GW on 1/2 price Saturday was not bad, I was #6, and what a friendly bunch of people, very talkative and pleasant. And NO the picture in my last post of GW was NOT my GW, for sure, that one must be in a really nice neighborhood, definitely not mine,HA.
I was able to nab a few wooden candlesticks to add to my very small but just beginning collection. The large brown stick was 1.25, but the three small ones were $1 a piece, seemed kind of high, but I liked the colors and thought they would add a summery look to my kitchen, I just need to get some candles.

I then got excited when I spotted some pretty all white bowls with a fruit pattern. A good friend of mine had given me some very large pretty plates that looked very very similiar to these bowls. I was excited to add the bowls and for only .50 a piece I grabbed them. Next I found some cute little I am going to call them individual souffle bowls. I have a french onion soup recipe and a dessert recipe that calls for bowls like these, the were only .50 each too, so in the cart they went.

I then found a cute little heart shaped basket with a red and white check fabric. I had a luncheon for all my girlfriends this past Valentines day and did a red and white check theme, so for .50 I was not going to pass up his basket, I will use it for next year's Friend Appreciation Day! The other basket just looked lonely sitting on the shelf after I nabbed the heart shaped one, so I took it too, although I have absolutely NO idea what to do with it?!?! But it was just $1.

I rounded out my shopping trip with a nice cookie sheet for .25, a cheese grater for for $1 and a perfect red dust ruffle that will look great in one of our guest rooms, it was only $1.50 with the 1/2 price sale. So all and all I think I had a pretty good GW experience and got ALOT of stuff for $15.00 Some prices seemed kind of high while others seemed really good, I guess it is all in whole holds the pricing marker! I will definitely go back and would like to try some other good will and thrift stores in other areas of town. Question?? Does anyone know if Good Will takes what they get from one drop off spot and only puts it in 1 GW location or do they have a central location and then disperse the items?????
What have you gotten at your Goodwill, thrift store, or garage sale???
Thanks for stopping by! Sue


The Quintessential Magpie said...

I think you did great, Sue! Love your finds. The sticks look good and so do your bowls! Great finds!
Makes me want to go thrifting...


Sheila :-)

Robin said...

You got some really great finds! I like everything you got, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those white bowls and ramekins!! If they go missing...I DON'T have!

My last trip to our local Thrift store, I came out with $20 worth of white plates. That's a WHOLE lot of plates!


Robin :o)

Happy To Be said...

GM Sue...girl now you did great...Oh I am loving those little soup bowls..Just wonderful I would have armed wrestled you for those now my friend..Yes I did wonderful at Hospice Yesterday...I got some many dishes again ha ha!! like I needed them..well be sleeping with them soon ha ha!! But they were too cute to pass up and I got some S/P and the cutest tea pot with Cramer/sugar with it..Oh girl my poor DR table looks like a junk store with all the thing I now have to find a home for and no room left at the Inn..But what was funny Len and I went to a consigment shop and I found the most awesome China Rose Briar pattern and he of of peeps told me to get it...well I just didn't know wheather to wring my butt or scratch my watch after he said that...Remember this is the man that rolls his eyes every time I look at dishes..I didn't get them..$98.00 for a 8 piece I said don't know where I would stick them..But hearing Len say that was just PRICELESS to me...Hey maybe all my hard training of him is starting to work ha ha!! Girl I have only been married to him for 3 years so I have a long ways to go yet ha ha!! it took 31 years with my Wally...Thanks for coming by and sorry if I scared you about Hospice...I haven't had to use them yet..Thank God...May you have a great day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

linda said...

You had a great shopping day I'd say! I especially like the white dishes. I'm a sucker for white these days.

I think each Goodwill collects and dispenses their own items. I know we don't have one particular collection center here where I live.

I went to GW last week and ended up with tons of little stuff. I think I spent $18, which is alot for me because I usually don't find much. I'm still getting used to the thrift mode...but I sure am enjoying it.

lagirl said...

Glad to find your Blog, Sue. Love your GW finds. I thought you had probably painted the candleholders, so I was surprised that you actually found them in those pretty colors...Gee I love a bargain.

I signed on as a Follower.
Hope you'll come by my Blog and say Hello.

mbkatc230 said...

Great finds Sue! I love those ramekins - they are perfect for French Onion soup! And the candlesticks are great, you don't even have to paint them. Kathy

Gladys said...

Hey! I'm here from Sweet Tea. OMG I love those soup bowls. My husband laughs at me because I will go to Macy's or The Kitchen Store and then hit Goodwill looking for something similar that doesn't cost fortybajillionie dollars.

lagirl said...

Just wanted you to know I gave you a "Shout Out" on my blog. You may want to come by and check it out for yourself.

Happy Saturday!!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Sue,
You really found some great deals and everything is really pretty too. Our Goodwill isn't very clean or nice here to shop at. I wish it was. I keep on reading about everyone's great deals.

You've been a follower of my blog for quite awhile!
I'm not sure if it would have let you add yourself twice? HMMM...
I have an extra follower I can't read the name on.
I wonder if that was yours?
I really appreciate it and all your kind visits. Thank you!

Have a blessed weekend.
I hope your surgery has healed and you are doing well.
~Melissa :)

Vivienne said...

What a haul! Great treasures!
Thanks for coming by to visit me.

Timi said...

Rock on Sista Junker! You scored!!

I'm so stealing your Friend Appreciation Day idea for one day with all my girl friends. What a fun idea.


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