Friday, June 12, 2009

Show US Where You Live Friday-Bathrooms

This is my first time participating in Show Us Where You Live Friday hosted by Kelly at KellysKornerblog

This week it is bathrooms. I am showing you our 1/2 bath off the kitchen. It was just a typical builder potty until my husband got ahold of it. I am so lucky to have a hubby who is so handy, tile, plumbing, etc. Miss independent, my daughter Nikki, and I actually installed the new light fixture, we were pretty proud of ourselves, lol. It was easy! We added some beadboard and framed in the mirror, cheap and easy changes, that make a huge difference. I bought the vessel bowl sink and faucet online and saved alot of $$$.
So without further ado here is our bathroom

Thanks so much for stopping by, feel free to come back and visit our bathroom, I mean house anytime!


Carmen C. said...

What a neat, clean bathroom! I love the beadboard and pretty wall color:)

Allyson @ The Blackwoods said...

I love the sink! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel said...

I love that sink!

Robin said...

Ohhhhh, how GORGEOUS!!! I just love everything...especially the sink, color and beadboard!! Ya'll did a really great job!


Robin :o)

Erin said...

The sink I love! I think I need to get myself one like it! Very Nice!

mbkatc230 said...

This is beautiful. I love the colors you chose, and the beadboard is so fresh. And that sink is just gorgeous. Kathy

Julie said...

Great sink and I love your color choice. Julie

pumpkinpatches said...

Great job on your bathroom, it is so clean and relaxing looking! Thank you for sharing.

Angie said...

Your bathroom is beautiful. I love those bowl sinks.

Today is the first time I've been to your blog with the sound turned on and I was so excited to hear What a Wonderful World. It's my all-time favorite song.

Joyce said...

I love the beadboard and the green color. Good job by all.

Melissa Miller said...

It's gorgeous! I love the sink.

Hope your summer is going great.
~Melissa :)

Picket said...

Oh girl you know I love this brings back so many memories of RMS..we use to 'meet' in here...well not literally...but I always loved seeing your pretty bathroom! lol I love beadboard and have thought about putting some in one of my high up the wall did you measure for yours?

Take care and have a great week girl!

Melanie said...

I want to move into your bathroom. It's so pretty!

Bo said...

Wowee Sue! Beee-utiful job you did here...I think you are really a "closeted" decorator...LOL
By the way, I so appreciate your comments on my sad blog...sniff...
It'll all work out for the best (I pray)...;-) Bo

Heather said...

Oh my goodness that sink is yummy!! It's like a piece of art! And I am a HUGE sucker for beadboard.....I'd probably put it everywhere if I had the chance!!! Love the paint color too- what is it?
You and your family did a great job!

Rue said...

Hi Sue :)

Your bathroom is darling! I love the bead board :)

Nope the house closes on July 17th. Keep those fingers crossed!


Robin said...

Hey! Thank for your comment's about Chelsea's birthday!

How is your leg doing? You have been on my mind so much lately, and I am hoping and praying that things are better!


Robin :o)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh what a pretty color, and I think that vessel sink is the prettiest one I've seen! Great job. laurie

Laura said...

What a gorgeous sink. I love the color. I enjoyed visiting,

Come see me-

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Pretty :)