Friday, July 31, 2009

Looks like my Blog title will have to change!!

Did I happen to mention that we were empty nesters and loving it??? Well within two weeks both of our little birdies will be flying home, at least temporarily. Bryan's lease on the home that he and friends had been renting runs out as of today, and he just hasnt found the right house to purchase yet, so home he be until he finds and closes on his new home. Nikki just hasnt been having the best of luck in SLC, way too long of a story to go into now, so she made the decision to come home to Indiana and attend the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati. Now I am thrilled to have her here, miss her so much, dont get me wrong, but Scott and I had just kinda found our new norm. He says nothing will change, but I know that it will.
Bryan has offered to give Nikki a place to live at his new home, when he finds one, so that is an option, we will just have to wait and see?!?!
In the mean time, I will be getting the "guestrooms" ready for their "new guests" with a smile on my face, cause my babies are coming home, at least until the wind blows again!!
I am now off to finish packing, we leave in the morning, and to make a couple desserts for our first Sunday, well Friday family dinner, tonite!! Talk to you all soon, and thanks for listening! Sue

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much going on.....

I have tried to be somewhat clever in my posts, not sure if I reached that goal, but I tried. Unfortunately I find that because of this there are alot of times when I have "blog writers block". I was sitting here thinking of something witty and charming to write about when it hit me... The blogs I really enjoy reading are the ones that just talk, the ones that just tell you what is going on in their life, their thoughts and feelings, and I thought lets give that a try...
Last week was a pretty busy week, Worked on Monday. I love going in to the office because I work with my great friend Beth, we have alot of fun together, but also work well with each other, the ideas are just bouncing all around when our creative juices start flowing! We work for The Hoosier Wall Bed Co. You remember the old Murphy Beds?? Well the wonderfully talented and super nice guys that we work for (hey you never know, they may read this, lol) have taken that old concept and kicked it up a notch, they are beautiful beds perfect for people who need more space, people who need to dual purpose a room, as a guest room or maybe a sewing room, or home office. With the big move of baby boomers downsizing and actually moving back to the city, our business is flourishing, we have even started installing them in Firehouses all over the country, go Firemen/women!!
Tuesday I worked at our local Food Pantry, if you havent given this a try I strongly suggest you do, it is such a great thing to do and you really get alot out of the experience, people are really desperate for food right now and thankfully we are able to help.
Wednesday it was back to the Pantry to stuff 158 back packs with school supplies, then off to Wal-Mart with a friend, in the rain, is this really July cause I am beginning to seriously doubt it, to pick up extra school supplies, and picnic food.
Thursday it was work time again with a long and productive 4 hour meeting!
Friday I sat with Sonny, my son's girlfriend while they had their moving sale, he had to work and he didnt want her home alone. They ended up making over $400 and now have alot less "stuff" to move to our house. They are actively looking for a house to buy, so they will be our guests for a little while. IT was also clean the house day, yuck, I would rather be at work, I have told my husband when the commission checks start pouring in...hopefully, the first thing I am doing is hiring someone to clean floors and bathrooms, and I am serious!!
Friday night we where off to our local Firemans Festival to support our brave volunteer men and women.
Saturday it was up with the roosters to go back to the Pantry, I am beginning to see why my husband thinks I may spend a little too much time there, lol, to load up the back packs and extra school supplies and picnic food for our 1st annual Back to School Picnic for the children of our patrons. 3 couples and myself, the hubs was busy hosted the picnic in between rain drops and lightening strikes to hand out back packs, school supplies, lunch, and a new pair of shoes to alot of children in need. The items were for the most part donated by people in our wonderfully generous community and thru a grant!!
Saturday night we were invited to my boss's house for his oldest son's high school graduation party. What fun, they live on alot of acres with beautiful views. His wife Teresa out did herself with a great spread of country food, the best mac and cheese I have ever had.
That is pretty much my week in review, hope you are still here and I didnt bore you to death, lol. I am off to start getting things ready for our big vacation, we leave on Saturday. Have a great week all, I will be by to see what you are all up too!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a little comment! Sue

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sedona Anyone????

Looking for people who have either lived in or visited Sedona... Scott, the hubs, and I and 3 other couples will be out there in a few weeks, and want to do some fun extras, things that wont totally break the bank, but that will be truly memorable. Please if you have been there, tell me what would you most definitely do again, or recommend and what wasnt worth the $$$. Things we are thinking of now are a train ride to the Grand Canyon, an ancient ruins jeep ride, a red rock ATV ride, traveling to Flagstaff to dinner, etc... Let me know if you can add or subtract from this list. Boy being empty nesters has really had a positive influence on our vacation plans!! Fun Fun Fun, lol!

Thanks for stopping by, Sue

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Day

So...did i get to sit home all day eating bon bons and watching Dirty Dancing on TV??? Well no, but this was better!! My son and his girlfriend came over and we started the planning process for their wedding!!! Yep that's right my son, my first born is getting married!! YEAH!
And they don't want the service and reception at a traditional venue, they want to go for something different and unusual, which is perfect in my eyes. And they want to do it next summer so Nikki, Miss Independent my daughter Bryan's sister, will be able to come home for a couple of months during next years summer break and participate in all the festivities!! Well I am just the happiest going to be mother of the groom ever!! LOL
If anyone has any ideas of an unusual venue we can look into especially in the greater Cincinnati area, please let us know!!
Every so often I will need you, my blog friends to remind me that this is not my wedding and I am not to take over the planning, please be brutal if you have to!!!
We and i do mean we not just me, are looking for unusual, different, etc. so if you have hosted a wedding or attended a wedding that had something you thought was amazing, please share, we just dont want the wedding and reception to be the same old same old, instead they want things that will make their wedding memorable, but in a good way! We look forward to hearing from you with your ideas! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My really really empty nest

Home Alone at last! That's right my husband is away for the weekend and I am here with only the fur babies to keep me company. Just made a homemade pizza for dinner, the hubs least favorite dinner, but my very Favorite!! YUM! Now what next? Partying until the wee hours, dancing at a local club? Naa, that's not my idea of a fun night. So here i sit, on my computer blog surfing with my feet up. It has been a loong week. This work thing is really cramping my style, but I am finding I really like it alot. It is kind of exciting. The company that I work for The Hoosier Wallbed Co. makes beautiful wallbeds, like the old Murphy beds but with beautiful cabinetry. We also make all kinds of built ins. This week we won a bid on 85 wallbeds for the largest Firehouse in the country which is located in Orlando, FLorida, very exciting stuff!! With the price of real estate high and so many people downsizing, now is a great time for folks to duel purpose a seldom used guest room into a sewing room, a computer room, a study, or even an exercise room. I was home for over 25 years most of them spent babysitting, but being out making appointments, going to lunch, talking adults, it is like a whole new life. I'm not making a bunch of money, YET, lol, but I feel like I am gaining confidence, and experience, and basically becoming a better party guest because of all the new things I have to talk about! LOL
I am off to try to finish my book, that I started last week, another thing that work is getting in the way of, my reading! HA
Have a great weekend everyone, and who knows I may be back, cause there is no one here to ask me not too!!!
Thanks for stopping by!