Friday, July 31, 2009

Looks like my Blog title will have to change!!

Did I happen to mention that we were empty nesters and loving it??? Well within two weeks both of our little birdies will be flying home, at least temporarily. Bryan's lease on the home that he and friends had been renting runs out as of today, and he just hasnt found the right house to purchase yet, so home he be until he finds and closes on his new home. Nikki just hasnt been having the best of luck in SLC, way too long of a story to go into now, so she made the decision to come home to Indiana and attend the Midwest Culinary Institute in Cincinnati. Now I am thrilled to have her here, miss her so much, dont get me wrong, but Scott and I had just kinda found our new norm. He says nothing will change, but I know that it will.
Bryan has offered to give Nikki a place to live at his new home, when he finds one, so that is an option, we will just have to wait and see?!?!
In the mean time, I will be getting the "guestrooms" ready for their "new guests" with a smile on my face, cause my babies are coming home, at least until the wind blows again!!
I am now off to finish packing, we leave in the morning, and to make a couple desserts for our first Sunday, well Friday family dinner, tonite!! Talk to you all soon, and thanks for listening! Sue


Julie said...

Sue---I hope things all work out. Sorry SLC didn't work for you daughter. Sometimes, though, kids have to fly the coop to realize how nice the original nest was:)!! Have a nice weekend. Julie

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

We had the same thing happen the first time Jen moved out. We were thrilled she was getting away from the siutation she was in, but we enjoyed our freedom too. She stayed 3 more years. It was indeed an adjustment but when our kids need us, at least they are happy to come back to us!!

tale of many cities said...

know what ya mean. that adjustment of them being gone is a tough one.. but you do finally find some sort of 'new normal'. then, when they come back.. you're so happy to have them close at hand again... yet you realize your new norm, is now being adjusted once again. i will tell you, i am loving the newly adjusted 'new norm' of our daughter being home for a while. every moment we have with our children is a gift. :) so, here's to an easy 'new norm' & countless blessings! -Tracie

mbkatc230 said...

Wow, it will be an adjustment to have both of them home again. Cait is planning on trying to do her student teaching in this area next spring and plans on living here for the semester to save (our) money. So I'll be following closely to see how your adjustment goes. I know what you mean about getting used to the new normal. But I know you'll be thrilled to have them home for awhile. Kathy

Mommy Mac said...

I can only imagine your excitment!!

Enjoy a full house again!!

.mac :)

Lynette said...

Wow - what a whirlwind!! Meghan has been home all summer and I've had to go through my own adjustments in other areas as well!!

Good Luck and I know you'll enjoy having your chicks back in the roost for a while -

Have a safe trip -

Angie said...

I hope you enjoy your time with your "guests."

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