Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Day

So...did i get to sit home all day eating bon bons and watching Dirty Dancing on TV??? Well no, but this was better!! My son and his girlfriend came over and we started the planning process for their wedding!!! Yep that's right my son, my first born is getting married!! YEAH!
And they don't want the service and reception at a traditional venue, they want to go for something different and unusual, which is perfect in my eyes. And they want to do it next summer so Nikki, Miss Independent my daughter Bryan's sister, will be able to come home for a couple of months during next years summer break and participate in all the festivities!! Well I am just the happiest going to be mother of the groom ever!! LOL
If anyone has any ideas of an unusual venue we can look into especially in the greater Cincinnati area, please let us know!!
Every so often I will need you, my blog friends to remind me that this is not my wedding and I am not to take over the planning, please be brutal if you have to!!!
We and i do mean we not just me, are looking for unusual, different, etc. so if you have hosted a wedding or attended a wedding that had something you thought was amazing, please share, we just dont want the wedding and reception to be the same old same old, instead they want things that will make their wedding memorable, but in a good way! We look forward to hearing from you with your ideas! Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Congratulations! I hope you find just the right venue that fits what the kids want.

My son's wedding in April 08 was different that's for sure! The ceremony was in the Valley of Fire State in Neveda in an outdoor cathedral. Only my son and his wife Angela, our daughter and her boyfriend, hubby and I, and
Angela's cousin were there. We then spent 3 days in Vegas (not my idea of wonderful) and then the following weekend had the traditional formal recpeption at a hall back home for 150 people. I do not recommened two venues that far apart in time and space. I was exhausted! LOL

What ever you do, have fun planning!

hugs, Linda

Janene said...

How very very exciting! I am so happy for you because I know how much you love your son and Sonny!
Congratulations to all of you!

marty39 said...

Congratulations. A new daughter is always a blessing. I can't wait to hear about the plans. Hugs, Marty

The Quintessential Magpie said...

The best wedding I ever went to was a destination wedding in Miami. It was held at a beautiful estate called Viscaya. It is magnificent and overlooks Biscayne Bay.

They had the wedding in the fall, and they were married outside by a friend who is a judge. Then they walked into this amazing room that had gilded ceilings and greeted their guests there. Then we were ushered through another set of doors to a terrace overlooking the bay with a giant FULL moon over the water. We had cocktails and appetizers there, and then we moved inside to this incredible atrium where all the tables were set. There were palm trees that reached up to the second story. We were all seated with place cards, and we had a five course meal with wines that had been tested by her best friend who is a wine connesieur. There were only 75 people at the wedding, but it was 75 people who were their nearest and dearest which made it even more special. We sat with people from all over the country and world... her dad had been in the military, and friends flew in from everywhere. I have no idea ow much they spent, but I liked the idea of that wonderful venue with close friends.

The thing is, outdoor weddings can get dicey with rain, so you have to have an alternative to what you would like to do if it rains. They could have easily moved inside and married in that beautiful golden chamber, but as it was, to receive there was perfect.

I will never forget that wedding. I thouroughly enjoyed it. Usually weddings are a wee bit stressful due to all the drama behind the scenes. If you can get a wedding planner to help, that would be a good idea. I have helped people with weddings (I'm not a pro), but it takes some of the stress off of you so that you can enjoy it.

Hope this helps. And CONGRATS to your son! You should have a lot of fun doing this!


Sheila :-)

Oh, and dollar tree sometimes has boxes of bubbles that you can blow instead of throwing birdseed or rice. Makes a great pic when they run through the bubbles! Dollar Tree can be one of your best friends in terms of party favors, etc.

tale of many cities said...

CONGRATS! now let the fun begin! ;)

do the kids plan to hire a wedding planner? they can be wonderful resources for unusual venues..even if you don't hire them to do the whole wedding, most will be happy to make suggestions. can't wait to hear what ya come up with! OHHHH and another FANTASTIC resource is the site:
beautiful/creative weddings is their claim to fame!!

have a great week!

Mommy Mac said...

Okay, so you gotta tell them about doing a photo booth for their wedding gift to the guests. We just came from Kenny's cousin's wedding. The table marker to let us know what table we were to sit at was our name in a picture frame (inexpensive one from IKEA.) We then were to go to the photo booth they rented and got to take 4 pictures each to go in the frame with the coulpe's name and wedding date on the bottom. It printed out right then and there and voila...your gift! Very cool!

Plus, they printed a duplicate and placed it right into a pre-made scrapbook for us to immediately sign and send them are congrats wishes in ink!

Thus, the guests made their guest book on-the-spot!


As for wedding party gifts for the girls...well, I know this business called k.Mac that does couture handbags and accessories that does wedding party gifts with coupons and free monograms for the bride and her wedding girls.

Copy/paste this to read all about it:

Good luck, MOTG...I'll be there one day!

Right now my boys are just 4 and 2...we got a long time before the big "I do" days!!!

.mac :)

Melanie said...

Yeah! A wedding! Who doesn't love a wedding? I will have to put my thinking cap on for an usual or different setting.