Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ok I have started, so sue me!

Ok, I have started my Christmas decorating, well on my blog at least! Linda over at Behind My Red Door posed this question, Should We Or Shouldn't We, decorate for Christmas before thanksgiving?? I just couldnt stand to wait, to change my blog,but now I am having trouble changing the font style and color, maybe someone doesnt think I should change it yet, but either way, does anyone have any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
As far as my house, I can't decide whether to switch the decor to Christmas or leave it as fall?? You see, I am hosting the hubs family for Thanksgiving on the Saturdy after Thanksgiving, and then a week later, I am hosting my Ladies Group from church for our annual Christmas Party. Doesnt leave alot of switch over time, on top of all the other things I have to do that week. I dont want my THanksgiving guests to feel strange, but I have to be done decorating for my church party. Decisions decisions, I know it isn't life or death, but I sure wish I could decide, lol. I have added a few pics from my house a few years ago, when I decide to decorate this year, I will try to post them for all to see!!
Thanks for listening, Sue


Robin said...

I say go ahead and start your Christmas decorating. Maybe have a few "Thanksgiving" things left out for the party that can easily be replaced between events. That way, you aren't in a crazy rush before the second party.


Robin :o)

mbkatc230 said...

I'm with Robin, just go ahead and decorate! Besides, if you are hosting them the weekend after Thanksgiving that doesn't count as decorating before Thanksgiving, right? Hey, when needed, I can be the queen of rationalization! Kathy

Julie said...

We haven't decorated yet,but we are playing Christmas music...LOVE IT!! Have a great day. Julie