Monday, December 7, 2009


OMG, can this really be? Only 18 more days until Christmas? Are you ready? Or are you like me and still have a bit of shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking, and entertaining left to do? This weekend was great! On Saturday we held our annual Woman's Pampering Day for the ladies of the Food Pantry that I work at.
Approximately 60 woman attended. Those that came were treated to a haircut and style by one of 10 talented stylists who volunteered their time. A Chair massage by an oh so talented masseuse, a manicure complete with tiny candy canes painted so perfectly on their nails, yummy scrummy delicious food, and lots of giveaways! The ladies loved it and were soo very appreciative. And except for a few times, well actually a bunch of times that all the blowdryers and curling irons blew a fuse, everything went perfectly!!
I raced home from that to attend my works company Christmas Party! We had a wonderful meal and then went back to my bosses house for a great dessert made by his lovely wife!
Yesterday Nikki and I ran to the mall and managed to find a few great deals, before we arrived at my mom's house for our annual cookie bake! My mom, sisters, sister-in-Laws, and little nieces and nephews were all there! We got alot done this year including, fudge, blueberry mini muffins, thumb print cookies, mini poppy seed bread loaves, cookie cutter cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.
At 6 we ran to Dicks Sporting Goods, where it was family and friends night! My sister in laws niece works there while going to college and she was so sweet to give us some of her coupons. We loved saving her 25% discount plus an extra 10% discount, on top of the sale prices! WOOHOO!!!
Today it is all about the cleaning of my house as I get ready to host about 30 ladies from our ladies group at church for our annual Christmas PArty on Wednesday! Why do I always volunteer to host this, have I learned nothing from the past years? Dont get me wrong, it is soo much fun, but this is my very busiest time of the year, like it is for so many of you, and to add even one more thing to my plate, makes for a very overflowing plate!! Thank God Nikki is here to help me today! Speaking of Nikki, she is very excited, in only 10 days she is off to SLC, Utah, to see her boyfriend, and to ski for 2 1/2 weeks over her Christmas break!
Tomorrow, I will be up at church, with 2 friends, getting the giving tree gifts all seperated and into their families bags!
Oh yes and did I mention that I have to finish my Food Pantry Article, well actually start and finishmy article, Pantry News From Soup to Nuts, that I write every month for our local news paper that is due in 3 days? And that I have to run the Cookie sale at our library for friends of the library on Saturday??
Damn with all this running and doing, you'd think I'd be skinny, or somthing, how is it that I am soo NOT???
On a pretty note, I woke up this morning to a beautiful blanket of snow outside, definitely more than a dusting, was this predicted? HEck, I have no idea, who has time to watch the news??? I am looking forward to Thursday night, Nikki and I and my sister and mom are going to see a local production of Miracle on 34th street, I could really use a miracle, clean house, gifts wrapped, cooking done, etc.. here on Jeb Drive, that's for sure! LOL

YIKES, it's a Crazy life, but it's MY Life!
So, what have you got going on in your crazy life?? I would love to hear! Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a great week! Sue


Marla at Always Nesting said...

I'm having an anxiety attack just reading about your week :) Sounds busy, but fun busy. Have a great time enjoying all your festivities!

Jenny said...

I love how busy you are. Empty Nest is horrible if you don't have stuff to do. Enjoy all your activities.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I can't believe Christmas is so close at hand either, and I'm so behind this year. How did THAT happen???

Glad you are having fun!


Sheila :-)

Lorie said...

I can't believe we are down to 16 days and a few hours now!!!


We are in the process of moving, so there hasn't been as much Ho HO HO around here as I would like. Luckily our family has done a TON of decorating and we can just hang out at their house!!!

Rue said...

Hi Sue :)

Sounds like you're having a blast, but busy busy ;)

I'm trying to get one last project done and that's it until after the holidays... whew!

Relax and have a hot cocoa ;)