Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our New Baby!!

It has been a month since my last post. I have been stalking and commenting alot of your posts, but havent had the time to do one of my own.
And here is the reason why, our new baby! It really is like a child, it requires lots and lots of attention, and tons of MONEY! But we love it!

What the hell is it, you ask??
It is Greater Cincinnati's newest indoor archery range! My husbands dream business! We are not totally crazy opening a new business in this crappy economy, we havent quit our day jobs, yet, but....we did decide to take the leap and go for it!!
We live in an area with ALOT of dedicated archers, my husband being one of the MOST dedicated of them all! We know that even in this economy people still need a release, an inexpensive place to go to do something that they really enjoy!
So to fill this void, we opened Straight Arrow 3D Indoor Archery Range!
I really know nothing about archery, except that it takes my husband and alot of my friends husbands out of the house and into the woods from October-January!
One of my jobs is to market the place thru, flyers, business cards, twitter, facebook, and various other websites. Another job was to save us as much $$$ as possible by making the smartest,most frugal purchases I could make, by stalking the internet.
The range has been opened for 1 month, and although it started off slow, every day we are gaining more and more customers. And the good news is that people love it!!
We still arent out of the woods, but we are working hard, and hopeful that we will make it!
You can check out our website, if you'd like at
What is life without adventure? This has been a great adventure and it's only just begun! Wish us luck that it will make it! Thanks for stopping by! Sue


lisa said...

I think that is so cool!!! What a fantastic idea...yes the economy is bad but people are thinking about what they like to do..what relaxes them..I know people are buying more electronics to relax at home..they want to watch movies at home instead of going to the movies..People are hunting and fishing for food and to open this up to practice or just to have fun is a great plan...what fun...Praying for your success..Lisa

Always Nesting said...


Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

I love when people follow their dreams...Congrats and here is to a great business venture.

mbkatc230 said...

Congratulations! I'm glad that we aren't the only people crazy enough to open a business right now :) Maybe we can stimulate the economy right out of this slump! Good luck, I'm off to visit your website. Kathy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is exciting. CONGRATS to you on this new venture! I wish you all the success in the world!


Sheila :-)

Mary Elizabeth said... first I thought those were animals you hunted and stuffed in your basement!!
Congrats and Good Luck on your new adventure!


Janean said... for it!!! you haven't quit your day jobs, so now why not? yay for you guys!!!