Sunday, May 23, 2010

1. If you could change anything about your physical appearance, what would it be?
Oh my too many things to mention, but poof tummy be gone, was the first thought!
2. Is there a habit in others that you find annoying?
Drinking loudly, ughhh!
3. What is your favorite recipe using ground beef?
~My homemade chili, yummo!
4. What was your favorite book as a kid?
~I loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, I am lame, I know!

5. Did you work as a teenager and if so, where?I babysat, ALL THE TIME! I also worked at The Earring Tree, and pierced peoples ears.

6. Did you work while in college and if so, where?
Unfortunately I didnt go to college
7. When you go to sleep do you like total darkness or semi?
~Step into the dark side!
8.When you go to sleep do you need quiet or is some noise OK?
~We sleep with a fan on. My husband hates it, even after living with me for 28 years, lol. Almost my whole family does. We are on vaca now, and my mom had to go to WalMart to buy a small fan, it is a crazy addiction
9. When doing laundry, fabric softener or not?
~Fabric Softener sheets
10. Open toed or closed toed shoes?
I am a Crocs kind of gal, yes, I know they are ugly, but they are oh so comfy!
11. Would you rather be blind or deaf?
~Deaf, I cant imagine not seeing my kids and future grandkids!
12. Dangle or stud earrings?
~Studs, definitely, I have short hair, I life dangly earrings on other people with short hair, but,yuck, not on me!
13. What do you put on pancakes?
~Pancakes, lots of lite syrup, NO butter!~
14. On a long trip would you rather drive or fly?
~Flying baby!
15. Do you prefer classic old movies or new?
~It depends, I love the old, I love alot of the new, but love stories mostly, no blood, no guts, no scary!

So now you know way too much about me.
What about YOU?
Do Tell!
I would love to read more about you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Planning A Trip With The 'Rents

The Hubs and I are planning a vacation with the 'rents, the parents I mean, and my sister and her husband too. This is a picture of the group that went together on vacation last year. The couple on the right, my youngest brother and his wife and the adorable little boy between my parents arent making the trip this year as they have added an adorable little girl to their growing family and she is just too small to travel, maybe next year!

We were supposed to be going to this beautiful condo in Gulf Shores, again this year, but with the oil spill, we have become fair weather friends and switched our trip to Amelia Island, Florida, on the Atlantic side.

We feel really bad for the Gulf Shore tourist businesses, but this year we are only going to be able to go on 1 one week vacation, and I didnt want it ruined by the darn oil spill, damn you BP!
I am feeling guilty even taking a vacation this year, because the hubs has been laid off since the end of January, and the new business, see this previous post, has taken up alot of our savings, but I really feel the need to go on this trip to spend time with my parents. Dad has colon cancer for the second time. Don't get me wrong he is sailing thru chemo, but you just never know. So money be damned, maybe we won't be able to pay off our visa card this month for the first time ever, but somethings are worth more than a good credit report! Oh well, it's just money, right??
I also feel guilty leaving home because of our two little fur babies. I know this is silly, but i was actually sick to my stomach worrying about who would take care of them while we are away. Thank God, my bosses son, Dillan, a really great 19 year old kids has agreed to stay at the house and take care of my babies! I am so relieved. Do any of you get worked up about your fur babies? I guess I want to know that I'm not the only crazy lady out there, lol.
Amelia Island is in the upper most part of Florida, does anyone know anything about the area?? Savannah Ga, and St Augustine Ga are a short drive away, and I think we would like to go visit them. My question is has anyone there, and if so what do we want to check out while we are there.
Would love to hear your thoughts as always, I will post again soon, well as soon as i can. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our New Baby!!

It has been a month since my last post. I have been stalking and commenting alot of your posts, but havent had the time to do one of my own.
And here is the reason why, our new baby! It really is like a child, it requires lots and lots of attention, and tons of MONEY! But we love it!

What the hell is it, you ask??
It is Greater Cincinnati's newest indoor archery range! My husbands dream business! We are not totally crazy opening a new business in this crappy economy, we havent quit our day jobs, yet, but....we did decide to take the leap and go for it!!
We live in an area with ALOT of dedicated archers, my husband being one of the MOST dedicated of them all! We know that even in this economy people still need a release, an inexpensive place to go to do something that they really enjoy!
So to fill this void, we opened Straight Arrow 3D Indoor Archery Range!
I really know nothing about archery, except that it takes my husband and alot of my friends husbands out of the house and into the woods from October-January!
One of my jobs is to market the place thru, flyers, business cards, twitter, facebook, and various other websites. Another job was to save us as much $$$ as possible by making the smartest,most frugal purchases I could make, by stalking the internet.
The range has been opened for 1 month, and although it started off slow, every day we are gaining more and more customers. And the good news is that people love it!!
We still arent out of the woods, but we are working hard, and hopeful that we will make it!
You can check out our website, if you'd like at
What is life without adventure? This has been a great adventure and it's only just begun! Wish us luck that it will make it! Thanks for stopping by! Sue