Monday, February 7, 2011

Here Come's The Bride, and Groom

I just realized that I had never posted pics of my son's wedding, here are just a few that I love...

Indy Home Show House

I love this new way to look at pics, especially since I have had no luck lately posting pics the traditional way on Blogger. I have been working at the Indy Home Show for the past 10 days. It is like any other Home Show, lots of Window Booths, Landscape Booths, Water Heater Booths, Greasy Food Booths, but with one exception, they build an entire house inside the show, complete with swimming pool. As I was walking around the house I thought of all my Blog friends, so many ideas are shown here that I have seen on all the great blogs I have read, burlap curtains, cute fabric flower decorations on window treatments, lots of numbered chairs, and a cool wine bottle chandy. Enjoy the pics!! Sue