Monday, April 18, 2011

OH Happy Happy Day!!!

I am not a girl who loves to clean, I dont even like to clean, so when the mood strikes I go with it!! I have been rearranging, pitching, decluttering, you name it. I started going thru a stack of papers that had been in my desk for probably 2 years, and in that stack I found a $30 gift certificate from one of our favorite restaurants, YEAH! I didnt stop there, I attacked our bedroom, namely our closet with stacks of clothes and purses. Going thru several purses, I found lots of change, a $1 in one purse, and get this, $91 in another purse, a purse that I haven't used in probably 2 years. Are you kidding me??? $91 big one, woohoo, I was so excited!!!

Guess it really does pay to clean, hmmmm, maybe I will have to do it more often!!! AAAHHHH probably not, but it sure was exciting!!
Thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter to you and your family!!


Picket said...

Oh my word! lol lol Girl you couldn't find a a piece of lint in one of my old purses...I keep those things wiped out of money at all Make sure you check under the couch cushions! Thanks for coming by sweetie....Happy Easter to you and ya girl...Picket

Robin said...

Uhhhh, could I borrow $91.00? K-thanks! ;o)

Our really empty nest said...

You two girls are crazy, and i love ya both!!

Parents of a Dozen said...

I could share in your excitement. I was going through all my pants 3 days ago seeing which pants fit me now, and I found $76 in one of the pockets. Yay! I don't know why it was in there or how long, but it was sure nice to find.