Thursday, June 23, 2011

To Fix or To Replace, it’s not even a question any more

Remember when your toaster broke, or maybe it was your television, and you would take it in for repair?  Well, I don’t think such things exist anymore.  We had a nice tv, it was a big screen, 7 years old, and it started acting up, I called to get someone to come out to look at it, and they practically laughed at me!  They claimed to not even have parts to fix a set “that old”!  And yet the tv that we got when we first got married almost 30 years ago was still kicking in our bedroom, explain that?!?!

Well my less then 10 year Kenmore sewing machine started acting kind of wonky, so I got online to look into getting it fixed, and honestly I could buy a new one for less then the total of just the parts that I needed, so I did a little research and decided that a Brothers sounded like it got great reviews.  I found the best prices at WalMArt and since they offered free shipping and I could return the one I didn’t want to a local Store, I bought both.  ONe was $89 and the other only $149, so neither one a top model.  I got the $89 one on Tuesday and started using it right away, and I have to say, it is everything that I need and much faster then my old, less then 10 year, Kenmore.  I am Sold.  So as much as I hate living in a throwaway society, it was definitely the cheaper solution for me.  brothers

I was so inspired with my new machine I sewed an apron order and made a pattern and sewed a coupon/receipt bag that a friend asked me to make, I may even do a tutorial on it, it turned out pretty cute.  Pics to follow! 

Thanks for stopping by,  Sue


adsgram said...

Is it easy to thread? I can sew a little and would like a machine, but my Mom...who knows how to do about 300 miles away :-)That has always been the biggest pain in the neck all that twisting and looping etc. I hope you enjoy yours!

Our really empty nest said...

It is very easy to thread and operate and for under $90, I'd say it is a great buy! Go for it!!!

adsgram said...

Thanks...I may just do that!

Robin said...

Yayyyy! I'm glad you liked it! I have been wanting just a very simple machine to try sewing and this one sounds like the perfect one!