Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yesterday I went to the Whites Farm Flea Market in Brookville, Indiana.  And it was a big success!!!  I met my partner in crime, Kathie at 6:45 am,well, ok, it was 7am I was running a little late, sorry again Kathie, and off we went on our big adventure.  This is the 3rd or 4th time we have gone to this flea market, help only on Wednesday’s, year round, on the White’s Family Farm.  There were at least twice as many vendors there as have been, and we had a great time!!  I went looking for an old fan, that worked, for the guest bedroom, it will have a guest in it next week, and SCORE, I found one, on the first booth we hit!  A silver one,  it works great, and I got it for……$3, yep only $3 !!  I love it!  No haggling needed!whites farm finds 009

The next item I was searching for, was a wire basket, I think they used to hold oil cans.  I had just seen one online, but with shipping that little sucker would have been over $30 and it was small, well, I found one at another booth for just $15, I tried to haggle, but they knew it was a great deal, and I knew it was a great deal, so I quickly paid them their money and off we went.  Next we found an item that Kathie was looking for an old watering can, it was can we say, UGLY, but with a can of spray paint it will be absolutely adorable! Next she found the cutest bench, small size for her grandchildren, made from some wood and spindles, and a twin size headboard, we asked how much, and SCORE, the guy was only charging $15 for it, well, obviously that was coming home with us too, ha.  I then found a cute old balance scale, $15, a rolling pin, $2.25, a cute tin vase with scarecrows on it, that I think will be adorable with big branches in it for Halloween, $3, and a cute bunch of acorns, $1 for fall decorating.  whites farm finds 008

whites farm finds 011Nwhites farm finds 004

whites farm finds 012

Not too bad for $39.25!!  Kathie found a few other items too.  She is doing table centerpieces for a birthday party and the theme is The Wizard of OZ, and we found a perfect oil can, an adorable stuffed 3 foot tall W.o.O scarecrow, and 2 yards for blue and white gingham check, perfect for Dorothy!!!

All and all we had a great morning good buys, and a lot of laughs, thanks Kathie!!  And thank you for stopping by!!




"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I can't believe how lucky you are with the prices...I didn't think that those prices still existed! I would get up that early to go to something like that too. Great finds!!

Angela said...

I love the scale! That fan was a great find and price!! I just mapped out Brookville, Indiana, but it looks like a little too far to just go check out. There maybe a planned trip in my future! ;)

Holly said...

No Kidding, really great score. Love the fan and the wire basket. I thought I had been following you but somehow I lost you, glad I got you back, now I'm truly following you!