Friday, July 1, 2011

Straight out of the pages of Southern Living Magazine

A Few weeks ago I got a call from a good friend.  She was at work, she is an interior decorator at a really cute shop called Sacksteder Interiors, located in New Trenton, IN .  A coworker of hers wanted to have a luncheon and I was invited.  Well after running a home daycare for over 20 years and basically missing out on lunches and shopping dates with friends for all those years,  I try always to be available when opportunities like this present themselves.

I had heard about Jackie’s house and was excited to get to see it in person.  Well to say it didn’t disappoint is an understatement.  When we arrived Jackie had a pretty table set outside.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, no humidity and a perfect breeze blowing.  Jackie's house 035  

Here is her pretty house, built in the 1830’s, can you say LOVE IT!!

She had these adorable terra cotta plants at each place setting filled with Thyme that she had grown, so perfect!

Jackie's house 006

“Never Enough Thyme For Good Friends”

We had a delicious lunch with chicken salad, grilled salmon, deviled eggs, bean salad, and a fresh fruit salad.

After lunch Jackie gave us the Grand Tour of her great home.  Jackie is a mom of 4 and a grandmom of 8 and family is everything to her and husband, a retired police officer.  Their home is set up to entertain their family with many many family dinners, here is the dining room when you walk in from the back patio.

Jackie's house 008Jackie's house 009Jackie's house 010Jackie's house 011Jackie's house 012

Jackie's house 032

Both tables open up to accommodate their growing family.  The cool sideboard above was once a harvest table that Jackie made herself, and then redid into a sideboard to hold dishes, and her coffee maker.  Jackie has been redoing and painting furniture for years, she was so ahead of her time!!

Jackie loves to cook, and her pretty kitchen probably makes cooking a joy!

Jackie's house 015Jackie's house 016Jackie's house 025Jackie's house 026Jackie's house 027 

All four of her children live within a couple minutes drive of her home.  Jackie and her husband have been known on way more then one occasion  to drop by their kids homes at bedtime to bring a piece of candy or an ice cream treat to their adorable grandchildren.  Isnt that the sweetest thing??

Jackie's house 028Jackie's house 029Jackie's house 030Jackie's house 031

Their home has three sweet bedrooms upstairs, and there’s often a couple grandchildren enjoying a sleepover!

Jackie bought a few well maybe a few more then a few Longaberger baskets back in the day.  She figured out a great way to display them, I love it!!

Jackie's house 018Jackie's house 019Jackie's house 020

Yep, she hung them from the rafters of her living room.  A living room that had 3 layers of drop ceiling, until she decided that wasn’t the look for her and tore them all down, and wheelbarreled them out of the room, all while her husband was at work!! HA!

Of course this adorable home would have a clawfoot tub!

Jackie's house 013Jackie's house 014

Jackie’s outdoor space is spectacular.  They have a wonderful built in pool that is the center of lots of fun in the summer.  There is a fully stocked refrigerator in the barn, to make getting a drink so easy.  Also in the barn is a wall of pics of all the grandchildren from over the years.  And a line of hooks that holds the grand kids bathing suits and towels, each with their name stenciled above.  Jackie and her husband spend a lot of time outside tending to all their flower and herb and vegetable gardens and you can tell, and she has an adorable potting shed too .

Jackie's house 004Jackie's house 005Jackie's house 022Jackie's house 023Jackie's house 024Jackie's house 036Jackie's house 038Jackie's house 039Jackie's house 040Jackie's house 041

As if it isn't obvious, I loved this home and had a wonderful time at lunch, thanks again Jackie for including me!! 

Martha Stewart eat your heart out!!  Jackie’s got this living well thing down to a tee!!

Thanks for stopping by,  Sue


"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

How adorable!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Looks like a beautiful home!
I love the organized unlike my kitchen!!

Anonymous said...

hi Sue, i just found your blog and i love it but its the color of your writing blends in with your page and pics and its very hard for these old eyes to read...would u think about remedying that? sorry, to complain but i do adore your blog and want to be able to read it.

thanks, Judy