Wednesday, January 5, 2011

50 Before 50

Amy at Positively Splendid posted her 30 before 30, meaning 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30. Well, I have a few, ok, ALOT more years on me then Amy has on her, such a young pup, lol! So in a year and a month I will turn the big 5-0, yikes, that sounds crazy to say. And I thought I would like to make a list for me. These are things that I would like to do, that would be fun, educational, interesting, adventuresome, etc. 50 things seems like alot, and who am I kidding, there is no way I will do all of this before the Big ONe, 50, but, I am putting it out there in the universe, and we'll see how far I get....
1. Vacation in Europe
2. Road trip with my daughter
3. Find clothes that are made for plus size gals, that actually fit plus size gals, hey, just because we are bigger around, doesnt mean, our arms hang down to our knees, and how much extra really would it cost to add 3 or 4 inches to the bottom of a shirt?? And while I am on the subject, if the majority of women are size 12 plus, why is it that only a 10% of most department stores are dedicated to this size??
4. Lose weight, well duh, obviously, otherwise number 3 wouldnt be an issue.
5. Join a book club
6. Take a trip by myself, I think this is the ultimate in maturity and confidence, I am a baby and have never done this.
7. Turn our bedroom into a beautiful oasis.
8. Have a massage and not be embarrassed, I have never had more then a chair massage, refer to number 4.
9. Take some baking classes, so i can be a fraction as good as my daughter the pastry chef.
10. Take some computer classes, so I know a bit more then the basics, which is basically all I know now.
11. Open an antique/gift/lunch shop
12. I sew, but just the basics, I would love to learn how to put a zipper in make a button hole, a few things that would up what i can make a few notches.
13. Go back to Hawaii, we loved it there for our 25th anniversary, cant wait to go back!
14. Come up with more creative ideas to help the people that visit our local food pantry. I love the projects that i have started, and want to do more!
15. Get more organized, i mean really could a person be much less organized then me?? It's doubtful
16. STay on top of my cleaning, have my house be visitor ready allll the time!
17. Find a wine that i dont hate, so I can enjoy a glass with my besties!
18. Go to Alaska, Say what you want about Sarah Palin, she a great embassador for the state, and makes me REALLY want to go there!
19. Take a train ride thru Canada, looks beautiful
20. Ride a quad by my self, not as a passenger with the hubs driving.
21. Get a great haircut!
22. Actually make some of the awesome ideas that I read and save on other people's blogs.
23. Have the confidence to actually help someone decorate their space.
24. Take more time to do fun things with my friends, and make sure i show them just how much I appreciate them!
25. Work at making a go of my apron business, Cook Pray Love Aprons, anyone>??
26. See my daughter over the moon happy with a man who really appreciates her, and allows her to be all that she can dream!
Ok, I'm half way there, let me take some time and think about the rest, I'm sure I'm forgetting some important things, I will be back to finish soon!
Thanks again for stopping by! Please come back Sue