Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!
I was inspired by my fellow bloggers to make a few little things for our Easter Brunch and Dinner. I hope you all have a wonderful day with family!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

OH Happy Happy Day!!!

I am not a girl who loves to clean, I dont even like to clean, so when the mood strikes I go with it!! I have been rearranging, pitching, decluttering, you name it. I started going thru a stack of papers that had been in my desk for probably 2 years, and in that stack I found a $30 gift certificate from one of our favorite restaurants, YEAH! I didnt stop there, I attacked our bedroom, namely our closet with stacks of clothes and purses. Going thru several purses, I found lots of change, a $1 in one purse, and get this, $91 in another purse, a purse that I haven't used in probably 2 years. Are you kidding me??? $91 big one, woohoo, I was so excited!!!

Guess it really does pay to clean, hmmmm, maybe I will have to do it more often!!! AAAHHHH probably not, but it sure was exciting!!
Thanks for stopping by, Happy Easter to you and your family!!