Thursday, June 23, 2011

To Fix or To Replace, it’s not even a question any more

Remember when your toaster broke, or maybe it was your television, and you would take it in for repair?  Well, I don’t think such things exist anymore.  We had a nice tv, it was a big screen, 7 years old, and it started acting up, I called to get someone to come out to look at it, and they practically laughed at me!  They claimed to not even have parts to fix a set “that old”!  And yet the tv that we got when we first got married almost 30 years ago was still kicking in our bedroom, explain that?!?!

Well my less then 10 year Kenmore sewing machine started acting kind of wonky, so I got online to look into getting it fixed, and honestly I could buy a new one for less then the total of just the parts that I needed, so I did a little research and decided that a Brothers sounded like it got great reviews.  I found the best prices at WalMArt and since they offered free shipping and I could return the one I didn’t want to a local Store, I bought both.  ONe was $89 and the other only $149, so neither one a top model.  I got the $89 one on Tuesday and started using it right away, and I have to say, it is everything that I need and much faster then my old, less then 10 year, Kenmore.  I am Sold.  So as much as I hate living in a throwaway society, it was definitely the cheaper solution for me.  brothers

I was so inspired with my new machine I sewed an apron order and made a pattern and sewed a coupon/receipt bag that a friend asked me to make, I may even do a tutorial on it, it turned out pretty cute.  Pics to follow! 

Thanks for stopping by,  Sue

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garage Sale SUCCESS!!

Let me start by saying I have never been much of a garage sale gal.  But reading all of your fabulous blogs and seeing all the amazing things a lot of you find at garage sales, has really inspired me to give them a try.  I have a friend, Charlene, Miss leney to all of the little ones she babysits for, who I knew was a garage sale kind of gal.  So I gave her a call to see if she would be hitting some of the garage sales I have seen posters for in our little town, and SHE WAS!  We decided to meet at 8 am.  I woke up to rain a nice drizzle really, and gave her a call to see if she still wanted to go, and she did, so Game ON!  The rain kept a lot of houses from opening, but we did manage to find several neighborhoods that open for business, and I managed to find a few fun things……garage sale finds 6-18-11 001

I couldn’t pass up this white table for $3, it is solid and will work great on my front porch.  I bought the pic for $1 and plan on making a chalkboard out of it, so stay tuned.  You can barely see the old bird cage behind the picture, but it just spoke to me and for $3 I couldn’t pass it up.  garage sale finds 6-18-11 003

I loved this wood caddy, and at $1.50 I just had to bring it home, I pictured pinecones, greens, etc.  for a pretty Christmas decoration. 

garage sale finds 6-18-11 006

Oh and did you notice my best find of the day??  An old chicken coop, I just was reading Layla and Kevin’s Blog over at The Lettered Cottage, and saw them decorate Kevin’s mom’s porch with a chicken coop coffee table, very inspirational and for $17 I knew I had to grab it.  I got online and looked and saw some for sale for $50, so me thinks I got a great deal!!!garage sale finds 6-18-11 009

Thanks for stopping by, I cant wait until next weekend!! 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While The Girls Away.... I will redecorate her room!!

Our daughter, Nicole, moved to San Diego, yeah I know, rough life, lol, at least for the summer. She will be back for 2 months for 2 classes SEptember-Oct, and then who knows, ha! But in the mean time, I decided to redecorate her room, I love it, and she loves it, thank goodness!! I used many ideas that I have found on various blogs to make this room pretty, and on a very very small budget. Of course I totally didnt think to take a before pic.

Some shells from our Florida vacation last summer

This was an ugly garage sale chair with a pink satin seat cover. HA, not any more!

I saw a similar wall art on Craftberry Bush's site I like hers better, but for a first attempt, i was pretty happy with mine. One of the boards cracked when i was assembling, but since it was supposed to look warn and aged, i kept it.

Big Lots had a basket of starfish for $6 I separated it out to use in this room

My inspiration picture, from where else, HOME GOODS!!

I painted a goodwill find candlestick, and framed a piece of the chair fabric for a cheap piece of art, I had the frame.

I dumpster dived to grab these two great chippy windows, which my husband told me I really should sand and paint, WHAT, the chippy look is so in I said, and he said, shaking his head, whatever, ha! The little bedside table was another thrift store find. The pillows are from my favorite retail store, Home Goods!

The wicker chair was a castoff from my sister, and the little desk was a flea market find.
And Here she is in all her glory. The pretty chandy was an overstock find, i love it!!

So, what do you think?? I love it, and really thank so many blogs for the wonderful inspiration I get everyday from so many many talented ladies. I am not going to try to link up to some parties, but never having done it, we'll see if that happens, lol!
Thanks from stopping by! sue

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