Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pumpkins Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

I have been a very busy girl.  Last year it was aprons, and this year, well it’s pumpkins.  I am loving them.  I happen to love Fall and the colors associated with the season.  The pumpkins I have been making are made from repurposed wool sweaters, and stuffed with rice and plastic grocery bags, and topped with bits of fallen branches from our yard.  I was inspired by a post by The Country Chic Cottage seen here.  From her idea, I came up with these.pumpkins 006

I also started looking at upholstery/home decorator  remnants and their interesting textures to make make more fun pumpkins, like these..pumpkins 2 001 

1 of those discontinued home decorator samples at JoAnn's makes 2 cute size pumpkins.  they measure 17in x17in so by cutting the piece in half 81/2 by 17 you can sew up the short side, hand gather one of the long sides turn it right side out fill with rice and then recycle those plastic grocery bags to fill, hand gather the top and hot glue a tree branch stub, and TADAA, an adorable pumpkin to use in your fall decorating!

Spumpkins 001So, what crafts have you been working on to get your house ready for Fall??

Thanks for stopping by,  Sue

Friday, August 5, 2011

Worlds Longest Yard Sale-The Results

Well, I am back from our big adventure, The World’s Longest Yard Sale, and hmmm, I’m not sure what I think about it.  We started our adventure around 5:20 this morning.  My friend Kathie borrowed her husbands truck, so we would have plenty of room for ALLL of our treasures.  She packed newspaper, bungee cords, everything we would need to secure all of the treasures we found.  Well…. lets just say, she didn’t have to waste her time with all of that.  About 40 minutes into our trip, we found ourselves at a dead stop on the highway, apparently a semi had overturned literally minutes ahead of us.  We sat in the newly made parking lot, aka, I-75 N for an hour and 40 minutes.  Not the best start to a trip we had looked forward to for weeks.  Once the accident had cleared, we were once again on our way.  Our plan had been to drive up to Van Wert, Ohio and then slowly make our way down 127 back to the Cincinnati area.  Well, driving past all the yard sales on our way to Van Wert proved to be way to hard to do, we just couldn’t pass all these sales up without stopping, so… we stopped.

 wlys finds 001

At our first stop, I found a box with 5 old brass door knobs, I loved them, and picked them up for $2.00, not each, total.  At our second stop, Kathie was looking for things for her husband to use as a type of yard sale incentive at his business, we found 5 holiday decorations that were in great shape, we haggled, well, actually we asked and she accepted $15 for all five items, SCORE!!  What a great start to our day!!  For our third stop, we drove 11 miles off 127 to a Gun Club that was hosting a huge flea market.  Immediately Kathie found a really nice cage for her dog.  We went on to find a cute picnic basket$4 for a mutual friend of ours, and the coolest globe ever for my daughter in law $10.  At this stop we also found a cute white table,$6.  Kathie found a nice 2 wheel cart, almost just like mine for a few dollars and a Kirkland's 3 pack of candlesticks for a couple dollars. 

My post is getting way too long, and don’t get me wrong, we had fun, we laughed a lot, and we’re glad we went and experienced the sale, but honestly, I feel like we do much better at a little local sale called White’s Farm Flea Market.  The sale is held every Wednesday, the prices are great (we felt like prices were high on a lot of things at the WLYS) and it isn’t a lot of clothing, which we don’t look for and which the WLYS had way too much of.

All and all, would we go again, hmm, I for one would have to give that a lot of thought, but it was an experience and another item to check off my bucket list.

Thanks for stopping by,  Sue