Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Craft Show

II am loving these crisp fall days we’ve been having here in Southern Indiana. The leaves are just starting to change, this is definitely my favorite time of year!  I am a crafter, I used to have huge shows in my home every year.  But about 8 years ago I got really frustrated when so many of the crafts that I was making started to be sold at Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, etc, for a fraction of what I had to charge to make making them worth my while.  I stopped crafting, but didn’t stop loving to craft.  Last year I started sewing, and ended up making probably 150 aprons.  Most of them have sold, but they have sold very slowly.  This year I started making pumpkins, probably 100 of them, and just couldn’t stop.  I used Goodwill sweaters, upholstery fabric, old blankets, etc.  for my pumpkins, and I love them.  I just hope other people love .

 coupon bags 002

Well, the show is over and I would call it a success!!  The best part of the weekend, is that my daughter and I did it together.  She will be graduating soon with a degree in pastry arts, so she decided to make some yummy treats to sell, and basically sold out both days.  With little time to make things, she went with iced pumpkin cookies, that sold out both days, oatmeal cream pies, carmel apples, with chocolate, and cupcakes.  She came home with 2 small plates of the oatmeal cream pies and  1 carmel apple out of 24, and 3 cupcakes out 2 dz, and a pocket full of $$.  I sold quite a few pumpkins, and my little coupon/receipt/makeup bags, and an assortment of other pumpkin patch craft show 2items.  Saturday was definitely the best day for making money, but brrrr it was freezing and so windy, our easyup actually ended up blowing up in the air and across the field, before we secured it down.

pumpkin patch craft show 3pumpkin patch craft show

craft show booth

All and all a fun weekend, met new friends, and made a few hundred dollars to boot, we just might go up again this coming Saturday.

Thanks for stopping by, happy Fall!  Sue

PS Sorry about the picture quality,I forgot the camera and these were taken with Nikki's cell phone.