Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sheet Music Christmas Tree

I really really need to get back into this blog thing.  I have been so very busy with this new Antique Business, The Old Rusty Bucket. 
I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, and finally did today, a Sheet Music Christmas Tree!!
Lovin' It!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are you there Readers, it’s me Sue

It has been FOR-EV-ER since I posted.  Not that I haven’t been checking all of your amazing blogs out on an almost daily basis.  I have been busy, working on crafts, for craft shows.Christmas Stockings 009Christmas Stockings 001ornaments 012

ornaments 010

jars 005

getting ready for the holidays,

ornaments 007

ornaments 003dining room 005

etc. etc. but honestly I just felt like I had nothing blog worthy to write about.  And more so, I didn’t feel like there was anyone out there reading my blog.  So when I saw that Heather from was hosting a blog hop, I decided to jump right in.  Heather’s idea is to have anonymous bloggers critique a strangers blog. I was so excited to find out personally what other people think of my blog, my mom loves it, but hey, she’s my mom, she has to say that, right?  I got one of my critical reviews back, and was extremely thankful for what I was told.  I tried to make all the changes, which were mostly about technical issues rather than content, which I was thankful for.  I am still not sure how to fix the poor photo quality problem, I do own a crappy camera, but I am working on it.   Heather’s blog hop is full, but since there was such an overwhelming response to it, I wouldn’t be surprised if she does it again!! Thanks Heather, I look forward to getting my next critique from you!!  Sue